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[noTours Android Software + Acer Liquid + Peli Case i1015]

Since its inception, we (Escoitar.org) have developed our own technological solution for noTours. Our developments are designed taking into account the creative and artistic needs of our projects (and yours!).  We don´t depend on third party partners so we are open to your ideas and suggestions about our technology. Feel free in contacting us!.

How does it work?

We have built an app for you, non expert Android developer. Find an Android Phone, install the application, edit your map and walk. The application directly connects with the bigger amount og GPS satellites available.  While walking, the app knows where you are and triggers audios linked to particular places. You don´t have to do anything else than walking and listening.

The map and sounds editor

noTours has its own editor. It is a web based editor so you can run it in any computer connected to Internet! You only have to open a web site! In the editor you can search your territory in then map and then add circles for specifiying active areas for your sounds. You can attach a sound to every circle so when you are physically there… you will be able to listen it! Please, take a look at our tutorial.

We use Android

We think that the present and future of software should tend more to the use of open source, FLOSS and libre operating systems or software frameworks. In that sense, noTours´s customers (Art Curators, Educational Institutions, Creative Companies, etc) usually feel the same. They agree with us in the idea of avoiding the promotion of propietary plattforms: technologies should flow in a more natural way to people and not only connected to the economic ambition of certain logos.

Would you like to have your customized noTours app?

Some companies and individuals have already asked us about creating their own customized walks. We offer you the possibility of having your own app with your logos, your commercial info and specifications. This is typical for music festivals, shops, etc. Please contact us and submit your enquiry. We will reply you soon.

Specifications of noTours

– Unlimited number of sound areas

– Fade in/out effect transient mode when entering/outgoing of areas

– Speaker effect available: volume depends on distance to the center of area

– Integrated compass: selectable sounds depending on orientation

– Total kiosk mode for exhibition, with integrated peli casi anti-impact and waterproof

– More than 1500 hours exhibited since 2009 without technical issues

noTours has been succesfully tested in the following handsets

– Acer: Liquid (1.6 and 2.1)

– Samsung: Galaxy S (2.1), Galaxy Mini (2.2), Galaxy Y

– Google Nexus One (2.1)

– HTC: Tattoo (1.6),  Desire, Desire Z (2.1, 2.2)

– Huawei: U8500 (2.2)


[Acer Liquid + Peli Case i1015 + noTours Stick]

[Acer Liquid + Peli Case i1015 + Flycase]

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