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[30 May 2012 | No Comment | ]
Radiophonica Mobile Sound Walks in Cambridge

The Department of Music and Performing Arts’ annual Festival Week is breaking new ground this year with Radiophonica Mobile Sounds Walks as part of their calendar of events.

These Sound Walks are experienced using a mobile phone, which will be provided, and take in evocative sites around the Anglia Ruskin Campus. These range from the River Cam, to the Mill Road area including the Cemetery. Each work explores different approaches to drama and place, from Gothic horror, to natural disaster and street crime.
Talk with Enrique Tomás (noTours.org) and Dr Tom Hall (Anglia Ruskin University) 12-12.45pm Lord Ashcroft Building 028, via East Road Reception.
Experience the sound walks by joining us at Lord Ashcroft Building 028 between 1-5pm.

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[29 Mar 2012 | No Comment | ]
Serendipia (Serendipity) by Helena Torres

Serendipity, a sound drift to the origins of modernity.
Serendipityis a sound narrative geolocated in the civil cemetery of Ceares, Gijón, Asturias. It is a fragmented story recorded in soundtracks located in this cemetery that proposes to solve a crime that took place in Gijon in the late 19th century.
The sound narrative axis is Simona Margarita’s telling, a historian specialized in feminism who is preparing a thesis on the figure of Rosario de Acuña, a mostly unknown feminist Spanish pioneer from the nineteenth century. During her research, Margarita discovers an …

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[30 Jun 2011 | One Comment | ]
Mantis Festival @Manchester

MANTIS first ever Audioguide Tour in Collaboration with noTours and Escoitar.org!
A project supported by CITIES@MANCHESTER and the MANTIS Festival at University of Manchester.
more details: http://mantisfestival.com/

This year´s Manchester Mantis Festival was dedicated to the concept of  ‘Sonic Meta-­‐ontology‘, encapsulating a number or newly created compositions, sonic events, plus binaural and ambisonics field-­‐recording trip
compositions across the City of Manchester and the North West of England. ‘Manchester’s Sonic Meta-­‐ontology‘ explores whether there is really such thing as a ‘Manchester sound’ and if so, what is it, can we experience it, and can …

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[15 Jun 2011 | No Comment | ]
noTours exhibition – gateways @ KUMU

NoTours proposes a strategy for assessing the complexity of a territory, for understanding how much sound informs us about a place, and for elaborating new ways of perceiving knowledge and expression through our ears.

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[16 Mar 2011 | No Comment | ]
Workshop in Tallin @ KUMU

Our workshops are the perfect meeting point for preparing the contents of a noTours soundwalk. Local people bring us to the actual sonorous situation of a place while giving us the necessary clues for finding soundmarks and important sounds.
In Tallin our workshop was organized by the National Contemporany Art Museum KUMU in collaboration with the Art Academy of Tallinn. Our students were mainly undergraduate Bachelors and some teachers of the Music Academy and the Faculty of Humanities (Anthropology).

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[11 Feb 2011 | No Comment | ]
noTours is….

A video explainig the noTours experience. A beautiful way of saying… this is cool!

Video recorded during our workshop in Tallinn, Estonia, in January 2011.
noTours has produced a new augmented soundwalk in the context of the exhibition Gateways (opening in May 2011 at KUMU).

If you want to see the video…