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noTours-adiBera at ERTZ Festival [Bera]

[Bera – Navarra – Spain]

noTours-adiBera at ERTZ Festival [September 10-18,2010]


“To come down to my own experience, my companion and I, for I sometimes have a companion, take pleasure in fancying ourselves knights of a new, or rather an old, order–not Equestrians or Chevaliers, not Ritters or Riders, but Walkers, a still more ancient and honorable class, I trust. The Chivalric and heroic spirit which once belonged to the Rider seems now to reside in, or perchance to have subsided into, the Walker–not the Knight, but Walker, Errant. He is a sort of fourth estate, outside of Church and State and People.”

Henry D. Thoreau, The Art of Walking, 1841.


According to Michel de Certeau our cities are texts written by those who travel on their habitual itinearies. Keeping away from a pan-optic model of cities, usually visual, geometric and frontal and many times designed by urbanists, it appears a need for elaborating new sensible routes that could question our urban layouts as an univocal space. We need tools and attitudes for developing new ways of interference with our urban environment.

Escoitar.org, in collaboration with the projects  Soinumapa and Adibera, proposes a rediscovering of the streets of Bera, focusing on the value of sound as a proposition of knowledge to our societies. From a theoretical approach to the listening experience, this project aims to configure a new cartography condensed in the form of a sound walk.

For us, whe should become Adibera (Adi=attention, bera=sensible), keeping sensible to habitual knowledge and examinating our environment guided only by our human senses. Then, each one of us will be able to elaborate our own village, street, district: we will conquer all those habitual landscapes. We will fill them with personal details, establishing many personal marks and rediscovering those other invisible.

Far away from the propositon of a formal audioguide, we offer you building a collaborative map that could embrace all our memories, impressions, echoes, etc… of our territory.

noTours-adiBera is a project in collaboration by noTours [Escoitar.org] and adiBera [Festival Ertz].

Hardware/Web noTours: Chiu Longina

Software: Enrique Tomás, Berio Molina y Horacio González

Concept, documentation: Juan-Gil López

Technical Assistant Bera > Xavier Balderas

Contents Bera> Adibera & Soinumapa: Jakoba Errekondo, Alex Mendizabal, Juan José Aranguren, Xabier Erkizia, Iñigo Telletxea, Asier Gogortza

Special Thanks to everybody helping us in Bera!

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