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noTours workshop at Música en Branco


In the context of Música en Branco, a urban intervention project to investigate, document and enhance the aural and musical heritage of the neighbourhood of Agra de Orzán in Coruña, Spain, noTours team has organised a series of small workshops in collaboration with Teresa Méndez García, a music teacher of the local secondary school, that aim to research transgenerational narratives in the neighbourhood.

This series of workshops started with an invitation to second and third grade students to create geolocated narratives based on different memories of their older relatives about the neighbourhood and will end in june 2014 with the presentation of a final collaborative sound walk that combines all their work. By creating this narratives the students have been encouraged to explore a creative use of their mobile devices and to explore the possibilities of locative media as a narrative tool, while establishing informal learning networks with their relatives, especially their grandparents.

The key of the proposal was that elderly people would contribute to the project with their knowledge of oral tradition and their living memory of the history of the place and the young ones would contribute with their knowledge of technology, creating a working environment where everybody is learning and teaching at the same time.


The proposal has been developed in three working sessions of approximately four hours along the academic year, one yet to come. The first session at the beginning of the course, on 15th October 2013, was a theoretical introduction and contextualization of the project that was followed by two months in witch the students had to gather recordings and sounds for their narratives. After this period of time, on 18th December 2013, a second session was organised in order to teach the students how to create their own geolocated narratives in noTours editor with the material gathered, and finally at the end of the academic course one last session will be organised to join all narratives together and to test them with the students.

We expect to be able to publish the result of the experience soon!