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Locative Audio 2013


Locativeaudio 2013 is a collaborative project including simultaneous soundwalks, and interactive works exploring geolocative audio and media in the urban context. It is a practice-led project which investigates human interaction with cities from a sonic perspective, connecting the urban experience with the ritual of the concert hall, art gallery or museum and back.



LOCATIVEAUDIO 2013 (Valencia+Network): simultaneous walks take place in the cities of Valencia, Malaga, Virginia, Gävle, Avignon, Linz, Grenoble, Volos, Hanoi, Tempere and Oxford. In Valencia we are recreating Val del Omar’s 1939-45 Circuito Perifonico.
This 2013 project is organised by the NOVARS Research Centre, University of Manchester in collaboration with the UPV – Universidad Politecnica de Valencia and Galleria Valle Orti. The 2013 edition is funded by SALC’s Research Network Fund, University of Manchester and previous editions were funded by cities@manchester