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Locative Audio Documentary Film

Locative Audio – a film by Angela Guyton for locativeaudio.org from NOVARS Research Centre on Vimeo.

NOVARS Research Centre presents a new documentary film about the Locative Audio Project which took place in June 29th, 2012. The film is directed by Angela Guyton.

With renewed support by Cities@manchester, Locative Audio Project 2012 explores the connections between the City (via aurally augmented CityTours) with ‘The Concert Hall’. A number of participants from the UK and abroad were invited to share their creative thinking, combining Location-based Audio and Media with game-physics-audio engine technologies often found in the production of virtual environments and games. The project collaborated with The Noise Upstairs Ensemble, which adopted the role as the ultimate Locative Audio Ensemble. The event included collaborative texts for the audioguide tour contents from a number of groups like the Whitworth Park Community Archaeology and History project at Manchester University or original writings by musicologist like Roddy Hawkins and postgraduate students in Music such as Alex Allred. Of course it includes the full support and creative energy from our great NOVARS-MANTIS Team as usual.

INVITED GUESTS for Locative Audio 2012:
Mathias Fuchs -Salford University/ Universität Potsdam, Institut für Künste und Medien
Julio d’Escrivan – Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge
Frauke Behrendt – University of Brighton – Digital Media
Andrew Dolphin – Leeds Metropolitan University
Kingsley Ash – Leeds Metropolitan University
Felipe Otondo – University of Lancaster
Atau Tanaka – Goldsmiths University, London
Adam Parkinson- Culture Lab Newcastle
Iain Hetherington – Sony, Cambridge (Fall 2012)
Roddy Hawkins – University of Leeds / University of Manchester
Enrique Tomas – Austria/Notours.org
Horacio González – Galicia/ Escoitar.org
Ivica Ico Bukvic – Virginia Tech, USA – Virginia Tech Institute for Creativity, Arts & Technology (ICAT, icat.vt.edu) and Digital Interactive Sound & Intermedia Studio (DISIS, disis.music.vt.edu)
Teresa Foley- Locally Toned, USA
Iain McCurdy – Berlin / Northern Ireland
Patrick Sanan – California Institute of Technology