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Music You Can Walk Inside

My visit to Southampton was awesome.  I lectured about geolocated composition during three days at the context of the University of Southampton. I have to thank Ben Mawson for his incredible support and efforts in organizing my visit.

We had a busy agenda. Everyday noTours was introduced to a different range of people. Wednesday for for students and researches, Thursday for professionals and Friday for a general audience at the Creative DigiFest of Southampton.

Some pictures next:










Some tests and demos with students and researches at So’ton University. Ben Mawson prepared a new version of his geolocated composition “Take me by the hand”, that was listened and commented with a quite positive feedback.






Students were introduced into geolocated soundwalks composition, using our platform noTours. The fact of working on a browser based frameworks makes possible to start editing since the last minute: no downloads needed.







The gardens surrounding the University of Southampton were used to geolocate the composition by Ben Mawson.