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Serendipia (Serendipity) by Helena Torres

Serendipity, a sound drift to the origins of modernity.

Serendipityis a sound narrative geolocated in the civil cemetery of Ceares, Gijón, Asturias. It is a fragmented story recorded in soundtracks located in this cemetery that proposes to solve a crime that took place in Gijon in the late 19th century.

The sound narrative axis is Simona Margarita’s telling, a historian specialized in feminism who is preparing a thesis on the figure of Rosario de Acuña, a mostly unknown feminist Spanish pioneer from the nineteenth century. During her research, Margarita discovers an unsolved crime happened in Gijon in 1895. It is Edgardo del Pozo, a symbolist painter protected by the Count of Goncourt, with whom it is said he has a loving relationship. Del Pozo’s corpse is found in his mansion in Gijón by his fiancee, Gemma Oldman, a Catalan anarchist who advocates for women’s rights. Through Pure Data created sounds, radio and newspaper news, quotes, poems, excerpts from interviews, documents of the era and Margarita’s telling, strollers would experience a sound drift that would set them to the political and social atmosphere of the beginnings of industrialization.

Through the stories of fictional characters based on real people from the XIX century, people living this aural experience could get closer to stories of the origins and generate a historical point of view of present times. The historical drift was written as a fragmented rizhomatic telling and localized in a non-linear way, so there will not be two identical strolls, with the aim of discussing the idea of History as a one way linear telling. The drift also proposes questions on the borders between presence and absence, past and present, reality and fiction.

More info: narrativasespaciales.wordpress.com (in Spanish)