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noTours @ Hangar in Barcelona

A combination of different projects brought us to Barcelona.

I was invited to play in a mini tour with Madame Humtata, Horacio found a cheap flight from Santiago, Giga Circus took their van and drove eight hours from France, Helena Torres had time to contribute, and even more Luca surprised us attending to the workshop. We are becoming a small family. Pedro Soler was not physically there but was always around in the atmosphere. Pedro is not only friend, but a contributer, mentor…

In Barcelona we were supported by Hangar.org to do a workshop on Locative Audio with noTours. Now we can say without any doubt that it was a big success.  A great energy wasn´t interfered by Hangar, even more, they were so flexible and professional that we almost didn´t realize to be within an public institution of their size. This is unfortunately not so common.

As always, we tend to use the workshop for developing and testing new features. In this case we released a version in Catalan, solved different bugs in the app and editor, tested some features more into detail and almost finished a narrative version of noTours.

Students worked three days and understood the methodology of working with noTours. Helena Torres was so kind to explain her experiences while producing serendipia, maybe one of the most interesting works ever done with noTours. It will be premiered in March, so we promise a new post about it.

To sum up, new friends are on the noTours board and some other continue with us no matter where we go. That makes all our efforts and frustations a bit easier.

See some more photos about the workshop at Horacio´s flickr.