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Visiting Cambridge and Manchester

New visit to our friends of Anglia Rusklin University in Cambridge and NOVARS in Manchester.

The plan was double: introducing noTours to the Music Technology Department of the Anglia Ruskin University and presenting the new features of our platform to NOVARS composers.

After meeting Bronac Ferran, who has invited us to start a noTours project in the context of Visualise in Cambridge,  I introduced noTours to Tom Hall and Till Bovermann (artist visiting the department and developing an interesting project using Beta Blocker). I had the opportunity of making some demos that you see in the photos (by Till). I always had the support of Julio d´Escrivan that is the real iniciator of all these things happening in Cambridge.

I am so glad that the Southampton based composer Benjamin Mawson came and shared with us some of his work. Benjamin composes digital music that could not be played by humans, focusing on virtual environments and spatialization of sound sources.  I think we soon will organize something together!

The plan for the moment in Cambridge is the composition of a soundwalk in collaboration with the Music Technology Department and his students. The process will follow our methodology: workshop+production+exhibition.


Julio and me (just like pilgrims) arrived Manchester on Wednesday evening. He had to play and premiere some of his live electronics works and I was going to meet some NOVARS composers that I worked with last June. I introduced some of the improvements that Horacio and me have done in the last months. Many of them were actually requests from these composers so we kind of closed the circle.

The visit was again amazing. Incredible people working there. The conclusion was that we wanted to work more together (let´s see how…).