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noTours: Artist in Residence @Plataforma Cero-LABoral


noTours is an official “Artist in Residence” from 17/10 until 8/11 in Laboral, Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial in Gijón – Asturies – Spain.

This “Artist in Residence” period finishes with an encounter at the same center with other developers, artists, creatives, etc working on the same field. Dates are from November the 1st until the 5th.

As LABoral says:

Locative audio consists in the capacity to locate a sound in a physical space and reproduce it when the users –equipped with a smartphone or any other device that has GPS and an audio file player – find themselves in the designated place. Although it is quite clear that its usefulness is wide-ranging –from tourist guides to even navigation aids for the blind– the aim of this project is to develop sound and narrative art works through the meeting of producers, sound artists and writers.


This Geolocated Audio meeting has a resident wiki (although it is all in Spanish).

From our noTours perspective this Artist in Residence is another official public support for the further development of the tool and its projection to new uses.  Our objectives for this period is fixing some parts of the code and developing a new layer of abstraction that could allow the development of complex narratives (let´s say geolocated audiogames). By the moment our expectations for arising this targets are very optimistic.