noTours at Artropocode 2013

During the last two weeks, Horacio González from noTours team has been participating as a collaborator in Artropocode 2013, sharing noTours experience with the artists in residence and the participants.
As a result of a previous noTours collaboration with Helen Torres in 2011, one of Artropocode’s selected teams, “Emocorporeishon, Hacking de códigos emocionais” by Helen Torres and Lucre Masson, proposed the usage of a soundwalk to construct a non graphic emotional cartography of the event. Helen first soundwalk, “Serendipia”, was a very complex geolocated narrative for the civil cemetery of Ceares …

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Locative Audio 2013

Locativeaudio 2013 is a collaborative project including simultaneous soundwalks, and interactive works exploring geolocative audio and media in the urban context. It is a practice-led project which investigates human interaction with cities from a sonic perspective, connecting the urban experience with the ritual of the concert hall, art gallery or museum and back.

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Audio Portrait of Southampton – Interview

Benjamin Louis Mawson (
Composer & Virtual Performance Developer working at Southampton area with noTours and geolocated technologies.
Interview on Xan Philips’ “South by Southampton”, Voice103.9 FM     25.08.2012
Audio Portrait of Southampton
Private preview, October 2012: Southampton Common.
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Music You Can Walk Inside

Come and see us at the Creative Digifest, Friday 18 May 2012
University of Southampton, Highfield Campus

A combination of sounds – composed and distributed virtually around a place – with GPS data about the listener’s location and movement recreate the music in a unique way for each listener.
noTours can be been used in diverse ways to augment and shift the way we hear the sounds of a place. You can leave messages, tell stories about the surroundings or – as composer Ben Mawson has done – build a musical composition invisibly into a landscape.

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noTours @ Hangar in Barcelona

A combination of different projects brought us to Barcelona.

I was invited to play in a mini tour with Madame Humtata, Horacio found a cheap flight from Santiago, Giga Circus took their van and drove eight hours from France, Helena Torres had time to contribute, and even more Luca surprised us attending to the workshop. We are becoming a small family. Pedro Soler was not physically there but was always around in the atmosphere. Pedro is not only friend, but a contributer, mentor…